Тур з петриківки Київ - Дніпропетровськ - Петриківка - Запоріжжя 7 днів / 6 ночей

Petrikivka tour
KYIV – Dnipropetrovsk – Petrikivka - Zaporozhye
7 Days / 6 Night

Day 1 - KYIV 


Arrival transfer to the hotel, check in and dinner at the hotel.

Day 2 - KYIV


Breakfast at the hotel.


During panoramic city tour we will show you KYIV the capital of Ukraine and the cradle of Eastern Slavonic states of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. It is a beautiful city with its centuries-old history and rich culture. The tour includes visit to Vladimir's Cathedral the most prominent sacral painting complex of the late XIX c. decorated by world well-known artists. You will examine magnificent mosaics and frescoes of St. Sophia Cathedral the oldest temple in KYIVan Rus built in the beginning of XI c. to glorify the victory of Prince Yaroslav the Wise over Pechenegs' tribes. You will see St. Andrew's Church a striking piece of baroque architecture of XVIII c. constructed according to the designs of well-known architect B.Rastrelli on the top of Vladimir's Hill. It is a good place to make marvelous photos. The tour continues along Andriivskyi Uzviz (Descent) that starts from St.Andrew's Church. This short street will impress you with its unique atmosphere. Meandering down through luxuriant vegetation of Vladimir's Hill to the picturesque Podil.
This street houses numerous art galleries and shops of folk and applied art which make this romantic street the cultural center of KYIV. Visits to art galleries will acquaint you with art trends of Ukraine. A walk along Andriivskyi Uzviz with souvenir shopping will produce unforgettable impression and give you great memories for a long time.


Lunch at local restaurant.


Visit Ukrainian folk art museum. The Museum's collection consists of 15,000 items from the sixteenth to the twentieth century’s. The textiles collection, department of creative heritage, the collection of paintings and drawings, collection of folk pottery, folk paintings, collection of folk music instruments.

Master-class (2 hours) of petrikivka.


Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 3 - KYIV 


Breakfast at the hotel.


The tour to the National KYIV-Pechersk Caves' Monastery Historical and Cultural Reserve. The monastery was set up in the mid XI century A.D. It is one of the most ancient monasteries on the territory of Eastern Slavonic states. During this tour you will visit underground labyrinths of caves with mummies of monks, Museum of Treasures displaying the rich Scythian Gold collection and collection of the Judaic ritual silver objects XVIII - XX centuries, Museum of Microminiature. The reserve is situated on the picturesque hills and from the sightseeing place of Bell Tower you will have opportunity to delight the view over the gold-domed monastery complex and marvelous banks of Dnipro river. Ukraine National Folk Costume Art Museum


Lunch in local restaurant


After lunch we offer you meeting with petrikivka master at his working place, looking for his collection


Dinner in local restaurant.

Day 4 - KYIV 


Breakfast at the hotel.


Museum of Folk Architecture and Life situated in the picturesque suburb of KYIV Pirogovo. It is one of the largest museums under open air in the world that covers about 159 hectares and contains more than 300 unique buildings of folk architecture XVI - XX c. churches, houses, household constructions and workshops filled with household utensils, working instruments, clothes, and works of folk art. The collection of the reserve amounts to 80,000 objects. The real atmosphere of Ukrainian village with the customs and traditions of different regions of the country and the beauty and verity of Ukrainian nature will give you a short escape from urban tension. Lunch at a local restaurant.


Dinner in restaurant in Kiev. Come back to hotel

Day 5 – Dnipropetrovks, s. Petrikivka 


Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to airport. Flight to Dnipropetrovsk. 9:00 – 10:00


Transfer to Petrikivka. Lunch in local restaurant.


Petrikivka folk handicrafts center

There is a large village 40 km far from Dnepropetrovsk which is called Pertrikivka. Petrikivka village is famous of its folk painting far away from Ukrainian borders. There is a unique original painting school which had been created during the many centuries and does not have any analogue neither in Ukraine nor others counties.

The painting of Pertrikivka's artists is exhibited in Art museums more than 40 counties all over the world and took rewards at International exhibitions.

Excursion to Petrikivka folk handicrafts center includes visiting to picture gallery where the best work of art are represented and visiting to artists' workshops where you will be able to see artists during the work. It is possible to purchase the souvenirs just from the artists.


Master-class of petrikivka


Transfer to Dnipropetrovsk. Dinner in local restaurant. Transfer to hotel. Check in.

Day 6 – Dnipropetrovsk - Zaporozhye 


Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Zaporozhye.


Excursion to Zaporozhye Cossack's history museum (about 6 hours)

Hortitsa Island (in Zaporozhye City that is not far from Dniepropetrovsk) is the biggest island in Ukraine (10 miles in length). All landscape zones of Ukraine such as: steppes, mixed forests, orchards, hills, high rocks are represented at Hortitsa Island. Some species of flora and fauna are in Red Book.

The whole island is a National historic culture park.  There are some historic relics on the island such as: sites of primitive society, the World War II fortification buildings rest . In 16-18 centuries there was a unique social union - Zaporozhskaya Sich that does not have any analogues in the world history. As a matter of fact Zaporozhskaya Sich was a little independent state that had own highly skilled army, fleet, the social and economic structure, own culture, own original education (almost all inhabitants could read and write). Zaporozhskaya Sich was existing during 200 years defending south state borders from numerous conquerors such as Turks, Tatars and etc. Zaporozhye Cossack's history museum which is situated on Hortitsa Island is only one museum in Ukraine expositions of which are dedicated to Zaporozhye Cossacks namely.

The expositions represent the real Cossack's household goods, their weapons, equipment, clothes, books, art canvass and diorama of battle between Cossacks and Tatars.

In 1999 the Cossack's militarian Chaika boat was found on the Dniepr River bottom not far from Hortitsa Island. At the present time the boat is under reconstruction after which it will occupy it's palace in Zaporozhye Cossack's history museum.

Lunch in local restaurant.


Transfer to Dnipropetrovsk.  Dinner in local restaurant. Transfer to hotel.

Day 7 – Dnipropetrovks - Kyiv 

Breakfast at the hotel.  Transfer to airport. Flight to Kyiv.


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